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If your digital files are delivered according to the guidelines below, we can process these files correctly. If you cannot deliver your digital files according to our guidelines, we can provide necessary adjustments at an hourly rate. If necessary adjustments need to be made by us, your order manager will discuss this with you in advance.


We prefer to work with PDF files (print quality - PSO Coated v3) or open files created with Adobe CC.



You can submit your digital files to us via: 

WeTransfer or similar

E-mail to (max 10 MB)



For a flyer/brochure, left and right pages must also be made up as left and right pages, using the same page numbering that will be used in the printed copy. In the document layout the first page should always be a right-hand page (odd page number) the second page will then be a left-hand page (odd page number).

The size always in multiples of 4 pages. Please do not put pages on cover scheme.



The image resolution on delivery should preferably be 300 dpi (lower resolution gives lower quality). If you use ICC profiles, please check that they are correct. Define special colors such as PMS colors, whites and varnishes as spot colors. Set die cut lines to 'overprint'. 

Provide all bleed page elements with at least 3 mm bleed. 



Preferably convert used fonts to letter contours. Otherwise, if allowed, supply zipped fonts. 



When submitting so-called open documents, use (if available) the function for collecting all used elements (images, illustrations, fonts, etc.) of the formatted document. This will create one folder containing all necessary files for processing. Also attach a printout of the document.

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