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Since 1934, Mouthaan Graphic Company has specialized in printing and producing the most diverse graphic products for clients at home and abroad. We develop and produce mainly cardboard & plastic packaging of very high quality. Besides packaging we are graphic specialists

in every field related to printing. Your industry is probably not unknown to us.


Recently we have integrated with a large international partner. This now makes us the fastest growing printing company in the Netherlands.

We are very proud to announce we are part of the American company, “Millennium Print Group, a subsidiary of ‘The Pokémon International”.

By entering this integration, we are excited about providing a bright, secure future. More space and machines. More professionals,

knowledge and craft. More possibilities allowing for excellent quality.


We need people with the right motivation and expertise. We are committed to ensuring that each employee, at every level, is respected, valued,

and included. Are you, or do you know someone, who wants to join our team? We offer excellent job opportunities, benefits, and growth.

Then please respond quickly..together we are the pieces of the puzzle that make the bigger picture possible.

About us
How we do it
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Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

We are Mouthaan, but who are you?

Tell us everything about your product, mission and vision and we will make it a reality together. 

"Your mission and vision are unique,

that is how you make the brand stand out."

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Branding based on your mission and vision.

At Mouthaan we closely follow innovations

and new techniques.

With this knowledge you strengthen the brand and your product gets optimal appeal.

"With how you do things,

you can be distinctive in the market."

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Talkative, today and tomorrow.

Mouthaan has modern 'up-to-date' machinery. Printing, punching, creasing, prain, folding

and finishing, . .

. . a selection of the many possibilities.

“With the manner of execution,

you make the difference in the market.” 

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